Monday, July 5, 2010

Fresh New Jersey Blueberries - Emery's

This time each year I have to take a ride out to New Egypt, NJ for the world's best blueberries at Emery's Berry Farm.  The farm is organic which is great since blueberries are on the "dirty dozen" list of foods that you should only eat organic.  You can pick your own berries or buy freshly picked in their farm store.  Warning!  Once you enter the farm store I guarantee that you will leave with unplanned purchases!  They have gorgeous fresh baked goods and lots more (jams, jellies, syrup, honey, granola...).  We picked up an apple butter barbecue sauce and some delicious blueberry pastries. 

Unfortunately, farming is so weather dependent and while the weather here in NJ has been perfect for beachgoers - 30 days without rain and most days above 90 degrees - the weather is hurting the blueberry production.  We also had a late frost this year.  The farm still had plenty of berries but limited purchases to four pints per customer.  We happily bought up our four pints. 

Did you know that the official fruit of New Jersey is the blueberry and it was first cultivated in Whitesbog, NJ?  Blueberries are not only delicious; they are high in nutrition and contain antioxidants.  I would love to know your favorite recipe for blueberries.  I want to make good use of the beautiful berries.  Since I am off from work today, we are enjoying a late breakfast of what else? - blueberry pancakes!

You can see how dry the fields are - so sad!


  1. What fun, and I had no idea blueberries were the official fruit of NJ!
    (I made a comment on your strawberry cake post...popped over from Mary's blog.)

  2. I am dying to bake a blueberry cake today, but the 95F heat is changing my mind!

  3. Those are some gorgeous blueberries! (The pastries look pretty amazing too. ;) ) Summer fruits are the best, aren't they? Definitely worth the wait all year long. :)

  4. Your blog is full of info that I love to read about. I will definitely be following your blog.
    I see the 'subscribe to' links are on your site! Wonderful.

    Your Photos are excellent!


  5. Gorgeous photos! I'd go there a few times a year also! My berry bushes have about 12 berries. I had better eat them before the birds do. Had no idea blueberries were the official NY fruit. I love that thestates have official fruits!

  6. fresh NJ blueberries are the best arent they!!
    just have to bake like crazy!!

  7. Boy, do I love blueberries! I baked a banana bread this yesterday and added an entire pint of blueberries to it....seriously yummy! Blueberry pancakes have to be one of my top ten favorite foods.

  8. What great photos. It seems to be a hard summer for farmers everywhere. Our weather certainly has been atypical. Bob and I visited the farm years ago when we first moved to New Jersey and the children were young. It's quite an operation. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  9. We love Emery's! Their pies are wonderful. Great pics, Jen.

    - John

  10. Jen

    This blueberry-filled pastry looks so tempting! Too bad it is not sitting in front of me; did not know the titbit about the blueberry being the state fruit in NJ; good to know; love it and any type of berries! Waiting here for the mulberry to ripen off that tree in front of my window!
    Love a great blueberry muffin best of all.

  11. I miss NJ and the side of the road stands to buy fresh produce...I'm thinking corn and tomatoes right now....mmm