Friday, July 23, 2010

Grimaldi's in Brooklyn

My daughters and a friend went to a concert on Governors Island (between Brooklyn and Manhattan) to celebrate my daughter Cailyn's birthday.  Still uncomfortable with the idea of them navigating their way into the City alone and returning late at night, the plan was to drive in and then my husband and I would continue on to knock two things off of my bucket list: 1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and 2. Eat pizza at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.   I chickened out about walking the bridge due to the forecast of scattered thunderstorms with potentially dangerous lightning.  I figured on top of the Brooklyn Bridge is most likely not the safest place to be in an electrical storm!  Luckily the weather held out and no storms materialized. 

Matt and I drove across the Bridge and got on line for the famous Grimaldi's pizza.  The shop next door even rents chairs for $3, and offers of $1 dollar water bottles came from strangers.  We waited outside for about 50 minutes before we got the much anticipated call to come in.  We were seated with six other couples at a table for eight.  They made use of every bit of floor space.  The tables were cute with checkered tablecloths and the walls were littered with celebrity photos.  I anticipated this being a one time deal, although with a certain charm it was touristy, loud, crowded - but then came the pizza.   The pizza was perfect!  The crust reminded me of my beloved NJ tomato pies, but the sauce was different as was the sauce to cheese ratio.  The cheese was a good whole milk mozzarella.  I loved it!  We then proceeded to take a walk in the lovely waterfront park down the street.  The views are amazing!  I'll have to return on a cooler and clear night to walk the Bridge and would love to take a pizza to go and eat it in the park. 


  1. Wow - the pizza does look amazing.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful evening. I'm not sure I'd have the fortitude to eait in line for that length of time :-). I'm glad the pizza was worth it.
    Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. you would think we were looking for a pot of gold...finding a good pizza is just too hard down here....I love pizza....sigh

  4. It's not often that I get to say this...But, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! During our walk we saw a young mad propose, it was awesome!

    I am thinking I need to walk across once again and enjoy this pizza.

  5. Wow. That's a long wait in the heat you're having up there! But after I looked at the pizza, I think very worth the wait.

  6. Love I want to go to Brooklyn! :)

    Thanks for stopping by...let me know how your daughter Cailyn like the Strawbery Cream Scones with Lime Glaze.