Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Food Trends

Well this is the time of year when notable food authorities make predictions about the popular food trends for the coming year and which items have gone by the wayside. I just love this blog post that I came across about the worst food trends of the decade. I got a good laugh.

Bon Appetit's Hottest Food Trends for 2010:

  • Dish of the Year: Meatballs - I love meatballs from most all cuisines! I am most definitely on board with meatballs trend or no trend!
    Albondigas, keftedes, kofta, Swedish, pork meatball banh mi, and of course Italian!

  • Cuisine of the Year: "New Austrian"
    Since I am of German descent, I like to try dishes from the region. When my great grandparents first came to the US, they opened a German-American restaurant. When the war broke out, it was not popular to be German in the US and the restaurant was changed to the American restaurant. The German on the sign was painted over. I am glad to see some culinary recognition and popularity for fare from this region. Some of my favorites are sauerbraten, wienerschnitzel, spaetzle, and soft pretzels!

    Craft beers are very popular right now. I am a wine drinker and had not had a beer in a very long time. Well, let me tell you a cold beer and a homemade soft pretzel - heavenly! I have been searching for a really good soft pretzel recipe and finally found one. So good! I haven't perfected shaping the pretzel - hehe... pretty funny looking but the taste makes up for it!

  • Ingredient of the Year: Sriracha
    My family loves hot sauce. My daughter even likes it on pizza and eggs. Great ingredient!

  • Party of the Year: Modern Vegetarian
    I try to eat vegetarian meals a few times a week but I do not know that I would host an all-vegetarian party. Vegetarian options - yes. I'm not quite feeling this trend.

  • Desserts of the Year: All-American Comforts
    Slump cake, Apple Brown Betty, and Coconut Cake - I am not too much of a dessert eater but these all sound good. Forget about trends, I do like a good chocolate chip cookie, New York style cheesecake or a brownie with nuts!

Epicurious has its own list which includes

  • Dish - fried chicken (out with burgers)
  • Dessert - mini whoopie pies (out with mini cupcakes)
  • Ingredient -lamb (out with pork)
  • Health trend - immunity building diet (out - dining on Omega 3s)
  • Drink - homemade beer (out - mad-science cocktails)
  • Profession - butcher (out -mixologist)
  • Entertaining trend - potlucks (out - formal dinners at home)

While it is fun to look at trends, I don't think that they will influence me that much. I will keep trying new ingredients and recipes, but will try to lighten things up following the absolute gluttony of the past few weeks! I will make what I like and forget about the rest.

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year!!


  1. I enjoyed reading the newest trends, very interesting! Hope 2010 brings the best to you and your family Jen!

  2. I love this post! It's so interesting to see new trends...butcher, wow, I never would have guessed, lol! I agree, there is nothing better than a soft pretzel (I've never made pretzels, but maybe in 2010)! Thanks for your sweet comment Jen, it is greatly appreciated. A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. I agree with lightening up! That turkey chili is the perfect start! Happy New Year!