Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Bourbon Sauce

This pork chop recipe is super easy and the sauce is so tasty! Yes, the sauce is the star here - yum! I think that it is the perfect recipe for this time of year. I served the pork chops with baked sweet potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts - healthy and delicious!

Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Bourbon Sauce
Recipe courtesy of Cuisine at Home magazine, June 2002
Pork Chop Brine:
Dissolve in one gallon resealable freezer bag:
2 cups hot water
1/2 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
6 cups ice water
Dissolve salt and sugar in hot water. It helps to set the bag inside a large bowl in case of spills or leaks. Add ice water to brine. This will cool the brine quickly. Add the pork and seal the bag and refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Just before cooking, dry chops to remove excess brine.
4 1″-thick brined rip chops
2 T olive oil
1 T garlic, chopped
1 T shallot, chopped
1-1/2 cups chicken broth
1/3 cup bourbon
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 T apple cider vinegar
2 T heavy cream
Reserved pork chops
Preheat oven to 425. Season chops with pepper. Dust lightly with flour. Brown one side in olive oil over medium-high heat. Turn, cover and roast in oven for about 10 minutes. While the chops are in the oven, saute garlic and shallot in 1 T drippings over medium-high heat until soft. Deglaze pan with bourbon and broth. Add sugar and vinegar; reduce by half. Add cream and pork chops to pan and cook for 2 minutes each side until sauce is thick. Makes 1 cup sauce.


  1. Oh wow that sauce looks amazing! I need to give this a try. I'm such a sucker for a good pork chop :)

  2. HI Jen! The Pork Chops look great!
    Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it along to me. It is my first award too!!

  3. I loved learning more about you! I'm a huge pizza lover too. ;)

  4. I'm down for any kind of pork chop! That looks delicious! Congrats on the award and thank you for passing it on! I'm honored!

  5. Way too much sugar in the sauce - 1/4 cup makes it much too sweet. It ruined the sauce! Next time I'll start with a teaspoon.