Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Tidbits and Addictions

My cousin Jill sent me these fabulous homemade rum balls. She claims that she is not a very good cook but these prove otherwise! I love this time of year!

This is my favorite crumb cake recipe. Martha Stewart knows her stuff when it comes to NY style crumb cake! I made this for my husband to share with his office. I snuck a few pieces for my daughters and me :)

I love this cheese at Christmas time! A glass of wine and Wensleydale with Cranberries - perfect!
Oh, and I can't stop eating these green olives that I picked up at Whole Foods. I'm not sure what's different than usual about them, but yes, I'm addicted!


  1. My husband loves crumb cake. I'll have to steal that recipe from you. And I always look forward to that cheese with cranberries.

  2. Everything looks delicious! I love a good crumb cake too, I'll have to check out that recipe!

  3. I never had that cheese but I'm going to look out for it! I'm also addicted to WF's olives, I get the spicy greek mix, outstanding!

  4. Everything looks delicious....well except the olives. I just can't seem to like them no matter how hard I try.

  5. I love rum balls. Can you send some my way.