Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mike's Subs - Keyport

Wow- delicious waterfront dining for less than $20 (for four!) Well, it is possible at Mike's in Keyport. Today my family and I had a great lunch here. There is a nice waterfront park nearby to picnic - love that!

This family owned sub shop has been around since 1961 and makes a delicous NJ style sub sandwich - one of the best around. Keyport is a 1.4 square mile town on the Raritan Bay in Monmouth County. This tiny town has lots of great eating and I do mean great! Other great Keyport eats to definitely check out:


  1. Right on the money.
    Mike's Subs in Keyport absolute best. I had my first sub there when I was sixteen, nearly 50 years ago, and have yet to find a place that makes a better sub. I live in California now, but think of Mike's Subs often and find myself wishing I could taste one of those subs again.

  2. Love Mike Subs! Great Atmosphere and quality food!! Check out Lenora's in Keyport, great food (breakfast, lunch, and now serving dinner!!) and a wonderful addition to Keyport!