Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roasted Yellow Pepper Bruschetta

Thursday post a little late...

Thursday nights - I love Thursday nights! What's to love? Well for one, Friday, my favorite day is tomorrow (end of the work week, wear jeans to work, everyone is in a good mood at work...)! Oh and two, my favorite show is on - "The Office!" I don't watch much tv but I have been with this one since the beginning... and it's hysterical! Season premier - must make something quick, so... I made soup (Tuscan white bean with spinach) and Roasted Yellow Pepper Bruschetta (since it's pepper season in NJ). Both came together quickly, were really good and I was all set to watch with a glass of cabernet (well I was a little late but thank goodness for DVRs!) - oh how I love Thursdays!

My inspiration for the bruschetta was from I followed the recipe pretty closely. Really good.

Also, Happy New Year to my Jewish friends! I hope that you enjoy the holiday!

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