Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lemon Cornmeal Birthday Cake with Strawberries

Yesterday was my birthday and a very nice birthday it was!

 I received lots of birthday wishes from dear old friends and...

My father made me this beautiful windowsill herb garden that I just love!  The perfect gift for me! 

My mother gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure at a local spa - Ahhh...

I have three new cookbooks to add to my collection - thanks Cousin!

My husband gave me these pretty flowers although he wasn't supposed to buy me anything - thank you Matt!

Cailyn's friends called and sang Happy Birthday to me - love them all!

My daughters were both home for my birthday dinner - priceless!

NJ strawberries are finally here and they are so delicious!   Fresh strawberry season in NJ goes by very quickly.  I wanted a cake that I could top with strawberries that would not be too heavy or too sweet.  Lemon Cornmeal Cake was just perfect!  The cake recipe was adapted from Everyday Food's Orange Cornmeal Cake.  I substituted the zest of two lemons for the orange zest that was called for in the recipe.  I also used white wine instead of orange juice.   I absolutely love this cake!  I could write a poem about it!  A great thing about it is that there is absolutely no butter or dairy in this cake.  Make sure to use a  good quality, mild flavored olive oil ( I used Frantoia).   I'll be making this cake again soon!  I also will be enjoying every moment of strawberry season in NJ. 


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Jen! You got gifts that I love. Cookbooks, flowers, a pedicure, herb garden, and your family! Perfect! I'm trying that cake out, love it.

  2. Happy Birthday Jen! I hope it was a fabulous one! Your gifts are all so thoughtful, I especially love that herb garden!

  3. I've had a cake very similar to this one and I can attest to how good it is. Yours looks and sounds wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Happy birthday to Jen! What a lovely array of fitting gifts - that will keep giving. And how sweet to be born in strawberry season when you can have the most delicious birthday cake.

  5. Happy Birthday and how lovely that everyone had a thoughtful gift including your daughters (being there is priceless!)
    I love that cake too; cornmeal gives it a rustic crumb, and the orange zest a wonderful fragrance; I will be making it my self soon!

  6. Happy b-day - it looks like you got lots of love. The cake looks delicious.

  7. Happy Birthday Jen. Sounds like a perfect day with tailor-made gifts. They know you well.

  8. Queen for a day!
    Happy birthday Jen!
    Love all your gifts......there is a bumble & bumble in NJ? I used to get my haircut in nyc there years ago!
    and the cookbook Local Flavors is terrific.
    Enjoy your weekend!