Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weekday Dinner and Dessert

I used to be able to do it all - but not lately. For years I would work all day, run home to get dinner ready, and then head off to class 2-3 times per week. Now, dinner and dessert on a weeknight is a chore. Long since done with my MBA ... I can't get my act together during the week. Maybe I need to go back to school?

Well, I saw this incredible dessert on Stacey Snacks, with the post title Brown Butter Bliss: Make This Tonight! Everything Stacey makes is amazing and since I went to Catholic school, I am a good at following instructions! I had plans and couldn't make it that night, but Stacey was kind enough to grant me a reprieve. Since, I can't seem to be able to handle both dinner and dessert, I bought dinner and made dessert. That is really unusual for me. I always choose cooking over baking. Many times, I will cook and my daughters will bake, which works out well. One daughter off at college, the other furiously working on college applications, so what to do..?

I have been wanting to try the turkey pot pie from Griggstown Quail Farm and just learned that they are available at Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ. I am a big fan of Griggstown and have ordered my Thanksgiving turkey from them. Their fresh poultry is so good, but it is over an hour away from home. Delicious Orchards is a wonderful market, which is easy to drop by on my way home from work. They carry lots of organic and specialty items. They are famous for their pies, apple cider, and donuts. I ran in and picked up a Griggstown turkey pot pie, apples for dessert, and of course a pack of apple cider donuts! I popped the pot pie in the oven and made the dessert.

The pot pie was really delicious. The turkey bites were so good and there were lots of delicious vegetables. The crust is made from puff pastry - yum! Oh, and dessert - amazing! Warm apples, cinnamon, and the butter... Mmmmm... loved it! I love it when a plan comes together! Thanks Stacey! I think that this dessert will make an appearance again at Thanksgiving!


  1. Man that is the best bought pot pie ever! It looks so tasty...perfect for this cold weather.

  2. I LOVE turkey (and chicken!) pot pie! So delicious and hearty and perfect for this time of year! I like to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make mine, so I'll be enjoying some in a couple weeks! :)

  3. I told you it was good!!!!
    That pot pie looks excellent.
    I always make one the day after Thanksgiving.
    It's our favorite (I will post it!).
    When did you change the layout of your blog?